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What does "mali" Mean?

Mali (pronounced "mAA-li") Thai Restaurant is named after Thailand's fragrant Hom Mali rice, a long grain variety of rice, which has a shiny grain and whose white color is as pure as that of jasmines.  Hom Mali rice is widely known in the United States as jasmine rice.  With its natural, pandan and popcorn-like aroma and soft and sticky texture of Hom Mali rice when cooked, it is internationally recognized as being one of the high-quality and most delicious rice in the world.  The World Rice Conference has declared it the world's best rice for consecutive years.


To harvest Hom Mali rice, the long stalks are cut.  The rice can then be left in a hulled form called paddy rice, de-hulled to produce brown rice, or milled to remove the germ and bran, producing white rice.


Steamed Hom Mali or Thai Jasmine rice is ideal for eating with stir-fries, grilled, fried, or braised food items, in soup, and many other Thai dishes. 


At Mali Thai Restaurant, we are proud to not only be named after but also serve the world-renowned aromatic high-quality rice to our valued customers in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

Fun Fact: Although we are named after Hom Mali Rice, "Mali" in Thai also means Jasmine Flower. Known for its sweet fragrance, this flower is the official symbol of Mother's Day in Thailand.

Mali Flower2.JPG

"Mali" Thai or Jasmine flower

Mali Flower.JPG

Thai Garland (also known as "Phuang malai") made from "Mali" Flower

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